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Birthdate:Oct 24, 1980
Website:My LJ
I've found that keeping multiple journals is too much work for me. So, as of now (24.11.2011) I'm making this official: this account is no longer updated. It's only used for lurking and commenting. My Livejournal right here is where you'll find my fic and madness and (in)frequent updates and Blind Io knows what else :) So come play with me there! :)

I'm 30 years old (Yikes!) and will probably never finish my studies (English, linguistics, world literature and a little Latin, French and German. Yes, I know I've bitten a bit more than I can chew :) )

But who cares about real life when you have fanfiction :) That's the main theme of this journal.

The only fandom I do at the moment is Harry Potter.
Nothing in the Potterverse belongs to me. It is the property of J. K. Rowling and any company she has sold the rights to. I only play with it for fun; no profit is made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Most of my fics are slash (male/male sexual relations) and contain strong adult themes.
All characters and situations in my stories are entirely fictional. They are written for entertainment only. I do not encourage or condone any illegal and/or harmful actions in real life.
All stories come with appropriate warnings and ratings and are placed under a lj-cut. So:

If you are too young to read that sort of stuff, or it is illegal where you live, please don't read it!

If you hate that sort of stuff, don't read it. It's your responsibility not to read things that may offend you. If you ignore my warnings and become traumatized by what you have read, don't come crying to me. You have been warned.

Ok, now that we've (hopefully) gotten rid of children and narrow-minded people and I've covered my ass as best I can, I would like to offer the rest of you a warm welcome to my world :) It's very pro-Slytherin, very pro-Pureblood and somewhat Malfoy-centric.

I'm absolutely obsessed with Lucius Malfoy. Don't even get me started :)

My OTP is Snucius, but I also have a thing about noncon Lucius/Harry. I occasionally do some other pairings as well. Sometimes even without Lucius :)

I mainly operate on LJ and also have an IJ (Both with this same username)

Some of my stuff is archived at AFF.
There I go by the name of The Real Luciusmistress.
(The name was already taken and if anyone, I should know I'm the real one :) )

By all means feel free to friend me! In spite of sounding like an asshole above, I'm actually very nice :)

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